Content Marketing

Ever read a how-to blog post that you find genuinely useful?

Do you notice the author or publisher of the post and ever explore their website in search of more helpful resources? Without spending money on advertising or overtly trying to sell something, they’ve gotten their brand name in front of you by giving you something that is of value to you for free.

The blog post, in this case, is referred to as content and this process is content marketing,

Content marketing is the creation and dissemination of online materials that help generate awareness for a brand without being advertising. These can be videos, blog posts, articles, infographics, ebooks, podcasts, even websites, that are produced by a brand and serve to entertain or inform the audience without promoting the brand itself. However, once the material is in front of the right audience, the brand gains exposure and eventually some viewers/readers will want to look into the company who produced the content. The content gives the brand credibility and clout, giving consumers more comfort in their decision to buy from the company.

We’ll develop and carry out a content strategy that will use articles, digital media and other content to create valuable resources for your potential customers and pull people into your sphere of influence. A 2017 statistic reported that small businesses with blogs get 126% more lead growth than small businesses without; moving forward, that percentage will continue to grow.

We’ll help you choose topics to create content around and we’ll set up the strategy for sharing and tracking these media. Our team of writers and designers can produce whatever you need. And in no time, we’ll be driving traffic to your site from people who are earnestly interested in what your brand has to say.

Content Marketing