About Us, the Team

Our mission is What If?

Wunderfy subscribes to one simple idea – we are committed to understanding all your needs before we make any changes.

What Does That Mean Exactly?

Wunderfy is one of the few marketing firms dedicated to helping up and coming small business companies grow in all areas of business. We are in the change business, but not just because we can. The entire team wants to understand your original vision. What was that vision or dream that made you start your company? And what exactly doesn’t seem to be working? We want you to ask, What if? What if, your company didn’t lose focus and some of the passion you started with? What if, you could reboot and make any changes, any changes at all? We want to hear your journey and where you see the road leading. We will get you on track to being wunderful once again.

Who is this Wunderfy Team?

The team here at Wunderfy is a cross section of our best clients – we have amazing potential. We have come to South Florida because of a calling. The team started out in NJ separately but ended up here together to form a dynamite company. On our journey here, members of our team have gotten their MBA’s in International Marketing in England, done research in Russia, owned their own successful businesses and worked with some of the biggest telecommunications companies and advertising agencies in the world. Companies like Bernard Hodes, AT&T, Lucent, Ogilvy & Mather, Phillips Consumer Communication, Siemens and Sunbeam. Members have lived in France, Germany, England, Russia and the Good Old USA. We understand cultures and people.

If you believe in rolling up your sleeves and thinking big, then we will get along great.

Our Core Beliefs

Our entire team has a set of core beliefs that we truly believe in and defend. We don’t just say these things in front of customers, we were brought up this way and they are engrained in the very fabric of our nature:

Do what is right – We were taught to tell the truth, sometimes we are too honest, but we are not yes people. If you ask us a question, be prepared for an honest response. If the data says you are not doing well in an area, we are not going to paint the picture rosy. If we see a way to save you money, we will recommend it over just making a quick buck. We want to be your marketing company going forward, not just for this project.

Dream – We never strive for anyone to just be as good as others. We want you to be the best at whatever you do. You created a business because you once had a dream. Let’s work together and get back to that dream and make it become a remarkable reality.

Understand the Surroundings – We do not live in a bubble. We know that we live in a fluid environment were things sometimes change quickly. We at Wunderfy try and always learn, try to improve our skills and always keep our eyes open. We will share what we learn with our clients and each other. We will also strive to understand your competition so we can understand how to get you out in front the best way possible.

Build Relationships – Some agencies want you for your money, others will come in with the lowest price so they can hit you up with charges as the project goes along. We build relationships that we want to last. We still have many of out original clients, and new ones seem to stay with us. If a client does not fit with our core beliefs, we do not have an issue telling them we are not a good fit. We have done it before, and we are sure as heck going to do it again. We don’t care how much money you have, if we can not serve you properly, then we won’t be doing your project justice.Treating our clients as family, means we can be honest, deal with you with respect and we are truly proud when we help you succeed.