Concept Testing

Sometimes you create something and you think it’s the bee’s knees.

Your mom thinks it’s the bee’s knees. And your best friend thinks it’s the bee’s knees. But, maybe they just like you. And turns out, the rest of the world thinks its just poo. You need concept testing.

Before you invest your mortgage to turn your big idea into a business, let’s test it out to make sure it’s not a dud. Concept testing is a crucial part in making sure a new business venture doesn’t turn into a pathway to bankruptcy.

We’ll help get your idea or product in front of a few (non-relative) sample audiences to get an understand of how people truly think about and interact with your idea or product. Maybe it’s almost there, but consumers just need you to add a little more to it, or call it by a different name. Or perhaps your idea hits it out of the park, and you’re farther ahead than you thought and don’t need to spend that extra thousand to add another component.

We collect the feedback you need and work with you to improve your concept before publishing it or taking it to market. Trust us, you won’t regret having this insight into your potential consumers’ brains before you go live.

Concept Testing