Brand Experience Development

Do you know what your brand says about you?

Brand experience development is all about getting customers to associate your brand with certain values and thinking.

What comes to mind when you think about the Apple brand? You might at first picture an iPhone or MacBook, then expand that to imagine the feeling you have at an Apple store or while browsing on iTunes. You make think about an encounter you had at the Genius Bar getting a device fixed, or picture the sleek advertisements online and on billboards across the nation. Whether you’re an Apple fan or not, you can’t deny that Apple is more than a brand, it’s an experience. Without reading their mission statement, you could probably guess what they aim to provide their customers and what they value as a company. The brand experience consistency across the customer experience, the visual identity, and brand communications that creates fluidity across all consumer touchpoint. Most Apple advocates flock to the brand not just because of the products but because of the emotional connection they’ve developed with the company — one that strengthens with each interaction. And that’s why Apple has excelled at releasing new products every other year because they know their fans will buy in. They’ve already bought into the experience.

What does this mean for you? Creating a sound brand experience is essential to attracting new customers, retaining customers, and instituting brand loyalty. At Wunderfy, we think about your brand experience in every deliverable we create. We help you establish who you want your brand to be – always with out-of-the-box thinking. Our brand experience development includes:

  • Brand Story
  • Brand Positioning
  • Visual Identity
  • Brand Voice
  • Communication Strategy
  • Customer Experience
  • Events and Experiential Strategy
  • Customer Retention

These strategies and deliverables work in concert to address how you will interact with your customer at every touchpoint. How will you look? How will you sound? What will you say when talking to customers? What will people feel while interacting with your product or service? We create strategies to answer each of these questions so that your brand starts smart and grows smarter with every transaction. It’s purpose-driven branding for passion-driven businesses.


Brand Experience Development