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Wunderfy survives the storm

Wunderfy Update: Attacks Day 5, We Survived

The attacks end, Wunderfy survives!

It ended as abruptly as it started. One last attack, one last blocked IP address, then nothing. No trickle down to one every 5 minutes, or one per hour, nope it just ended. I kept expecting another to pop, but I went to bed and then woke with the same blocked IP Address just sitting there.

So we survived over 7500 attacks. And we learned somethings from this experience. I hope that you the reader, might have picked up a trick or two. What I learned was that the hackers didn’t want the Wunderfy site for data, personal information or credit cards, they wanted something more valuable. They wanted a clean site from where they could send emails infected with something. Be it spyware, Trojans or viruses, they just needed a new place to send emails from. What we learned over the past 5 days was that Emails get blacklisted. If they are spam or infected they are blacklisted and never reach new unsuspecting customers. Well that doesn’t work for hackers, they need those emails to reach your inbox, they need you to open that email and infect bigger fish. They wanted us because we were a new site, not blocked and had great potential to send out a few thousand emails to infect a few more computers or entire businesses.

And that is why they will come looking for you next. Not because you have valuable information, but because you are unknown. You are off the radar and you have a clean email account. If they had gotten into our site, we would have been in trouble. Our IP Address would have been blacklisted and none of our emails would have reached our real customers. It would have taken a lot of work to clean up our site and reputation and gotten our Email back on the safe list. So avoid that, take our attacks and learn from them. We can help you and your company if you need us. If you just want to ask questions about how we handled something that happened during our 4 days of attacks, ring us up or drop an email. Please be safe, your website is a valuable asset not just to you. Thank you for reading our adventure and if you want to talk, we would love to hear from you.