Why Wunderfy

Creative Strategy for Passion Brands

Wunderfy is one of the few marketing firms dedicated to helping small companies grow in all areas of business.

We are in the change business, but not just because we can. We believe in business leaders who are passionate, like to roll up their sleeves, and believe they can make a difference.

Why You Come to Wunderfy

You’re looking to start a business, reboot your brand, or grow your company strategically. You may have worked with other agencies before but the deliverables just didn’t meet your expectations. You need a team who will listen, understand your vision, and work side-by-side with you to carry out your mission in a thoughtful and strategic manner, providing creative ideas, strategic insight, and seamless execution tactics that place your customers at the forefront your brand story and grow your business.

Who We Work With

We work with passionate entrepreneurs, small to mid-sized business owners, and artisans across a spectrum of industries. Our criteria is not limited by what you do — we focus on who you are. We work best with:

  • People who are invested in the process, are not afraid of hard work and can embrace change
  • People new to marketing but are forward-thinking and strategic
  • People who care about the customer experience
  • People who love what they do
  • Interested in positioning their company as the leader in their field
  • Understands that nothing works in a bubble
  • People who love to smile

If this is you, let’s get in touch. If this isn’t, we can help you get there.

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What To Expect

Marketing with Purpose

We work with clients who are mission-driven. Making money is not a goal, that is an end result. We build the processes necessary to reach your true goals.

Creative Intelligence

We see things differently. We create characters and stories and visual experiences that could only exist in our imaginations – but we bring them to life.

Defined Strategy

We listen before we act. And we do our research. Every brand identity and creative strategy is backed by hard evidence that shows our strategy will work.

H3 – Think we’re a good match? Let’s get in touch.

Our core values

Wildly creative
Energy is our middle name
A little weird, but fun
Problem solvers
Big thinkers and dreamers
Reputation is huge
Not afraid of hard work
We strive to win

We have traveled the globe

The Wunderfy team has been around the world and back, landing in Spruce Pine, North Carolina. Our team of creatives and strategists draws from experiences living in the U.K., France, Russia, Germany, and New Jersey and working with some of the biggest companies and advertising agencies in the world to create Fortune 500 experiences for small businesses.

  • Helps understand both client and customer.
  • Global experience understands the global market.
  • Sources of innovative ideas and creativity.
  • Help clients who want to launch an international presence.

We provide the science that get people to move. Want to learn more?

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