Social Media Monitoring

Everyone’s talking.There are conversations happening online on any given topic at any given moment.

How do you know when someone is talking about you and your brand? Or talking about a topic you care about? That’s where social media monitoring comes in.

We use HubSpot tools to monitor online conversations relevant to your brand. This way we can survey the landscape and chime in when warranted.

Using online tools, we can track your brand mentions, competitor mentions, specific hashtags, keywords, and specific publications to understand what’s happening in your industry. If people are expressing demand for the product or service you offer — we’re there. If your competitors have picked up on a new trend that’s changing discourse in your industry — we’re there. When customers have questions or concerns about your product and have gone to social media to talk about it — we’re there.

Working with you, we set up our tracking targets and send you regular reports with insight into what’s going on. We can also serve as your community managers, quickly responding to mentions and comments as they arise. Let us know what works for you, and we’ll make sure you’re in the know, always.

Social Media Monitoring