Buyer Persona Development

We do the research to identify who your buyer segments are and what are the emotional and rational triggers that motivate their behavior.

Who are your best customers? Who are your worst customers, the ones you cringe at when you see them calling? What would happen if you could get more of your best and less of the worst?

Well, life would get better all around. When creating buyer personas, we look at what makes up your best customer, their habits, their routines and ask lots of questions. We drill down to see what makes the good ones great and the others not so much. This allows you to commit resources to find new clients that will believe in your brand and becoming raving fans.

Creating a buyer persona involves not only identifying who your best customers are, but also evaluating your target consumer for a new product or service launch. How old are they? Where do they live? What are their usual purchasing behaviors? What challenges do they face on a daily basis? How does our product or service address their needs? The buyer persona answers these questions to paint a portrait of a singular consumer, ex. Soccer Mom Sally.

When developing marketing strategies, we then ask, what would Sally want? Would this fit her lifestyle? Would she want this product over another, similar offering? The buyer persona helps direct the strategic planning and development of materials so you know you’re creating something that your customers and potential consumers will want. Great strategy starts with great buyer personas.



Buyer Persona Development