Brand Story

Your brand story is more than the story you tell.

A brand story goes beyond what you have written in your copy on the website, in your brochures or the presentations you used to get new customers.

Your brand story isn’t only what you have told people. It is also what they believe about your brand from reviews, friends and competitors. Creating the full story is a team effort. It consists of real facts, supposed feelings and an interpretation of outside data. This means that part of your brand story isn’t under your control.

We help you lay the groundwork for the part of the story that you can control.

We help you define who your brand is and discover that “it” factor. That factor becomes your unique selling point and your primary emotional connection to your audience. This process includes understanding your company’s background, researching your industry, and analyzing your product or service to create the framework for your narrative. Then, we dig deeper into your brand values, your customer’s values, and your views and perceptions to add life to your story. Your story is your purpose. It is set against the backdrop of the relationship your build and your interactions with your customers.

The end result is a neatly written paragraph and supporting copy. These assets are available for distribution throughout your organization and put on any external communications. Many successful brands have their stories placed in a prominent place on their website, as both an educational piece and promise to their customers. What will your story be?

Here’s an article we love covering examples of great brand stories.

Brand Story