Brand Positioning Strategy

Brand positioning literally means the position of your brand in relation to the things around it: where does your brand fit in your industry?

What do you competitors envy that you do? Why would someone buy from your brand instead of other similar brands? A brand positioning statement is not a sentence that says what makes you different; it defines where you fit in the competitive marketplace and gives you a personal benchmark to work against.

When you establish your position, you are not simply putting up a flag that says, “Here I am!” You are carving a niche for yourself that you will protect as new competitors enter your market, and evolve as you learn more about your customers and changing demands.

Here’s an example from Volvo: “For upscale American families, Volvo is the family automobile that offers maximum safety.” In this, they specify the target consumer, upscale American families, specify the type of product, family automobile, and define their superlative, maximum safety, which research shows is a critical influencer in the buying habits of upscale American families. With this simple statement, Volvo has established where it falls within the spectrum of vehicles in the automobile industry and has given itself a niche to innovate within.


Brand positioning gives you both an identity and a goal. We’ll help you create positioning statements that define your brand differentiators and outline your niche.

Included in this process is solidifying your mission, vision, and values. Your mission is simple: it’s the reason you started the business. Your vision is where you want the business to go, or what you’re hoping to change in the world. Values define what’s important to you — the virtues your business operates by. Establishing mission, vision, and values is for both internal and external communication. Your employees must understand your companies’ purpose — or else why would they be there? And your customers care to know what you stand for.

Through discovery sessions with your leadership team and relevant market research, we’ll get you the information you need to identify your niche — and we’ll help you define your position in writing.

Brand Positioning Strategy