Our Approach

The Wunderfy Approach

What Sets Us Apart from the Pack?

Look, we haven’t won any awards, Yet! So why would you think about using a company with a funny name like Wunderfy? Because what you get from Wunderfy is an honest passion and real-life experience. Our team knows marketing, from designing a logo, building a website, to social media. Traditional marketing to the newest online marketing thinking. We have been honing our craft for years, separately. Just over the last few years has Wunderfy become the powerhouse the CEO always dreamed of. We brought together an amazing graphic designer, a powerhouse web developer, a problem solving visionary and an out of the box marketing guru. Finally, we have put all the tools together that have kept our clients referring us to their friends. You know when your clients are happy, they have no problem talking about us with their peers and family.

Great Customers

Wunderfy works with an assortment of B2B companies, ranging from new startups to established brick and mortar companies. We have worked with Art Studios, Law Offices and Cleaning Companies. We have helped new companies just starting out with full packages to established players that were looking to update their product catalogs. These companies are very different but have a few common traits:

  • They are small to medium sized businesses.
  • Are forward-thinking and strategic.
  • Are not afraid of hard work and can embrace change.
  • Are interested in positioning their company as the leader in their field.
  • Want the customer to have a pleasurable experience.
  • Are looking for a unified and consistent marketing strategy.
  • Understands that nothing works in a bubble, that marketing shines brightest when it takes into account the overall business strategy, the company culture, and captures the CEO’s original zeal and passion.
  • Our greatest customer knows how to smile. Change causes stress and doubts. When Wunderfy works with a client we try and make the experience a positive one, we want you to smile when you see us on the caller ID. We failed if you cringe instead.


A number of our clients have come from other firms. Needless to say their experience wasn’t the greatest. There was some kind of disconnect between what they expected and what they received. Sometimes that happens and sometimes companies just don’t tell you the client things straight. Maybe they don’t want to hurt your feelings or they just over promise. We don’t want there to be surprises that are in the bad category. Sometimes telling you things straight might not be happy go lucky, but we want you to succeed. We want to be your champion and nothing would be better than you getting the success your company deserves. Sometimes the truth hurts, sometimes it shows some weak areas and sometimes it shows a disconnect, but we want to always move forward and build your success on a grounded foundation.