Logo Design: The Evolution Into Greatness

Robert Storch

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So many times business owners have a logo custom designed and they then feel compelled to keep it for years because they spent a lot of money on it. The business has grown and the times have changed, but they do not think the logo should change with them.

If you are embarrassed by your logo, or you just stop giving out your business card, then maybe it is a time for a change. Every great company has evolved their logo, sometimes only slightly. 

When you look back into history, even the biggest logos changed over time:

Everything changes

Logos change for a number of reasons that range from just not liking the color to images fall out of favor with the public. Even iconic Starbucks Coffee has changed their logo 3 times. You can see that they are subtle changes, but they enhance the brand. Change is not your enemy, change for a reason can be a very good thing for your company and brand.

A series of logo iterations to show the changes Starbucks made to their logo.
A series of logo iterations to show the changes Starbucks made to their logo.

The primary objective when considering a change to your logo is to ensure there is a definite reason or purpose that makes the change necessary or worth the risk.  The risk factor can become less scary when you realize that staying the same can be more harm than good for your overall brand image and company’s message. One of the best way to see if a change is needed is to take the time to research how your current brand is being received. By asking for your best customers’ or lead sale team members their opinions. Your sales team are the ones responsible for promoting your brand to convert leads to sales and can be a huge asset to the effectiveness of your brand in the public sector. Ever business has 2 to 3 great customers that would not mind providing input to help you get your message out to new customers that would benefit from your business.

Embrace Change

Some things to consider when evaluating your current logo to see if a change is needed:

  • How long have you had your current logo?
  • Does it still excite you when you see it?
  • Do others get what your logo is trying to say to them?
  • Do you find yourself explaining what you do?
  • Do you find yourself justifying your prices?

These are some of the good indicators to how well your logo is working for you.

In this visual age we live in, things are changing all the time. Your brand image can influence everything from pricing, expectation, authority, integrity, and adoration.

Wondering if your brand could be more?  What would it take to create a brand that your audience would love?

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