Facebook Fans, Feeling the Pain? Just Wait! 

Tabatha Drum-Dickson

Facebook Changes to News Feed Will Create an Even Greater Challenge to Small Business Marketing.

If you rely heavily on Facebook as a means to grow your businesses reach, you will want to know this. Organic reach has been on the decline with the ongoing changes to Facebook’s behavior. These changes affected many Pages to lose engagement even when their post content was solid. With this latest announcement concerning upcoming changes to Facebook’s news feeds, getting traction will be harder than ever.  Facebook just announced changes to the functionality of their news feed that will now limit their feed to only display posts from “friends.” The remaining posts will eventually be shifted to an “explore” and “news” feed. 

What Does This Mean for Businesses

While these changes will offer a more natural way to see your “friends” posts, the results will be a hard hit to companies that depend on Facebook to drive traffic organically. In other words; out of sight, out of mind. This means as a business you have few options to consider.

You can rethink how you use Facebook and explore another platform that will allow you to engage with customers. Create a new marketing strategy that provides a workaround or redirect some funds to other social media platforms to make valuable connections. Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms still provide a way to connect with customers but require a different approach to engage your targeted audience. 

Moving forward these new changes unfold, approach the challenge by being more creative with your marketing.

Start with a well thought out plan. If you can afford to hire a professional, explore that option. Make sure that everyone knows your end game and the results you expect.  

Our method is to explore what the data says, create a theory on how you can engage the user (understand your personas) and run the approach.

Be sure to monitor your campaign to see the level of impact and adjust, adjust, adjust.

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