It is not your customer's job to remember you. It is your obligation and responsibility to make sure they don't have the chance to forget you.

Patricia Fripp



Customer Retention

You’ve built a customer base.

Now you must keep them coming back.

Your business is up and running and you’re happy with your sales volume. Your marketing efforts are effective in attracting new customers and pleasing them throughout their transactions. But you spend more of your marketing budget on finding new customers than repeating business. You need a plan to make sure your existing customers come back.

We’re in business to help brands create experiences that move people. When you have a profound impact on a customer, they won’t forget you. We’ll help you build out your brand create a value they’ll believe they can’t live without.

Customer Experience Audit

We’ll take a look at your current purchasing funnel and identify where we can enhance the customer experience in unexpected ways. Our creative team lives outside of the box and will help you generate ideas to delight your customer during and after their transaction.

Brand Experience Audit

Customer satisfaction alone isn’t enough to build loyalty. While we want your customers to have an unforgettable experience thought their sales transaction, we must also ensure you have a brand that people identify with. We’ll dig deep into your brand story and assets to assess how aligned your brand is with your customer values and discover actionable ways to improve the brand experience.

Integrated Marketing

One of the most critical components of customer retention is post-sale engagement. As a HubSpot-certified agency, we use the inbound methodology to nurture your customer relationships and keep customers engaged with your brand after their first sale. We’ll develop strategies for mail nurture campaigns, remarketing, and social media management paired with promotions, contests, and other integrated, non-traditional tactics to make your customers look forward to doing business with you again and again.

Ready to improve your customer loyalty? Let us know where you are in your brand journey and we’ll discuss how Wunderfy can work for you.

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