A rebrand is not just about buzzing brand words; it's about repurposing your lives, finding your true voice and building an authentic brand that impact lives.

Bernard Kelvin Clive



Brand Rebbot

Your current brand doesn’t represent your passion.

We’ll help you get back on track.

You have a vision. And despite efforts to bring that vision to life with branding and marketing, you don’t feel like the way your brand is currently represented is a true reflection of your intention.

We’ve seen this before. In fact, a number of our clients have come from other firms when the experience wasn’t the greatest. Often, there was some kind of disconnect between what the client expected and what they received. Or, sometimes, the firm just didn’t listen enough to deeply understand the client’s core company vision, and the deliverables didn’t follow a strategic approach to realize that vision. As a result, these rogue companies left the clients lost, and now skeptical of getting help.

When clients come to Wunderfy, we listen. Our approach puts you and your passion at the center of the brand strategy, and we can help reroute your current brand to create an experience that is meaningful and authentic.


Maybe you know exactly where your pain-points are, or maybe you can’t quite put your finger on it. During the rediscovery process, we help you backtrack to uncover the original reason why you began your business… what inspired you. By unlocking the past we can help retrace to the original purpose and passion that helped you grow in the very beginning. Take a look again at the goals you started with and compare them to the goals you have today. This will begin to develop the direction of your brand.

Brand Audit

With a full understanding of your brand goals, we get to work auditing your current brand strategy finding exactly what is working, what needs to change and where we can bridge the gap. Gathering all your previous marketing efforts we can see where and when things went off track and begin to redirect strategies to match your original vision. We look at your brand voice, story, identity, and other internal and external communications to see the depth and breadth of the change needed to make your brand echo your original vision.

Brand Refresh

From here the work really begins to take shape. Whether it’s a new visual identity, a new tagline and mission statement, or an entire reboot of your brand, we’ll put the pieces together to refuel your passion and channel that passion into your brand. From here we provide you with a detailed brand guideline that can be shared throughout your company and with any vendor that will be assisting you with promoting your brand. We will get you on track to being wunderful once again

Renewing your brand passion is an email away. Let us know where your challenges are and we’ll discuss how Wunderfy can work for you.

Like what you hear but have some lingering questions? We’re here to help! Request a free consultation with one of our marketing advisors today!