Your brand is a story unfolding across all customer touchpoints.

Jonah Sachs



Brand Identity

You have a vision.

Let us help make it a tangible reality.

You have a business or even just a simple idea you’re passionate about, but you don’t know how to start with building your brand. You want people to understand your purpose, not just the product, but you want them to share in that passion you feel.

Branding is more than differentiation. It’s more than a logo design and color palette. It’s how you build an emotional connection with your audience and consistently delivering on that promise. Consumers don’t drink cola; they drink Coke or Pepsi. Your brand is the face of your product and dictates what people feel when they think about your product. To maximize success with your new company, you need to be ready to launch the brand along with your product.

A great brand doesn’t happen overnight. It is built almost exactly like a house. Before you do anything with your product or service, you must first create a plan. This blueprint will govern how you present your brand going forward. That means research, planning, and strategy must be combined with real data to develop a strategic brand that will be noteworthy.


We look at your competitors, your industry and your target consumer audience to derive insights that help identify your niche. Conducting this research establishes the baseline for your brand, a prediction of what might work and what has no chance. We understand that some ideas have no competitors or precedence, so we will stay focused more on building new successes rather than old trails.

Brand Story

You are your brand: the vision and future. We take your passion and how that works with your blueprint and mold them together. In this process, we create your brand story, including your mission, vision and values statements. These statements will be the anchors for all internal and external communications as your brand grows. We also help define your brand voice, setting principles for how your brand should “talk” to your customers.

Sometimes this process may not be easy but the end results are amazing. We will roll up our sleeves and work with you on building the foundation. The brands that do the best, are those that have focus and defined purpose that the public can understand. By doing the groundwork, you will begin to see how a single direction that your team and your clients are aligned with, will make a huge difference in your growth.

Visual Identity

We design the visual representation that is your identity. This includes a style guide with a clearly defined color palette, font library and illustration style. The Logo we create will truly identify your company’s’ vision. We can then apply these to marketing assets, from website design, to stationary, to social media posts. Because our brains process images 60,000 times faster than words, your visual identity is the very first opportunity to make an impression with potential consumers. Every item we develop for you will reflect a singular focused marketing plan. We use sound research, defined vision and a strong design brief before a pixel is put in place.

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