If you can dream it, you can do it.

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Brand Growth

You’re ready to bring your brand to consumers

You just need help getting it started

At Wunderfy, we work with passionate people. If you have a vision that you truly believe in, we want to help you share your passion with the right people. Whether your industry is retail, tech, finance or food and beverage, your brand can succeed if you motivate other people to get behind your vision.

We will help you find and market to “your” customers. With the knowledge of your industry and product paired with our research, brand strategy, and natural creativity, we will develop a marketing plan that will not only create demand and drive leads, but create a movement. We peel away the layers of your brand to find the wunder – the core characteristics that make you different and define your potential. And then we amplify those features throughout targeted communication channels, creating a story your prospective customers want to buy into.

Customer Personas

Through intensive primary and secondary research, we paint a portrait of your customers – both the current (good and bad) and the ideal. We get to the root of their wants, needs, curiosities, habits and beliefs to understand what motivates them and how your brand can satisfy their psychographic appetite.

Marketing Strategy

We take an agile approach, working side-by-side with you to develop a marketing strategy that is true to your brand identity and connects with your personas. We match your goals and your vision with short and long-term tactics that are designed to engage consumers in ways that meet your objectives. Marketing is not a one way street, and we work to open up channels of communication between you and your customers that help them get the most value from you, while helping you service their needs with a product or service that you’re passionate about.

Marketing Materials

Creativity is in our DNA. We take big ideas from national advertising campaigns, international brand designs, and top-ranked websites that our team has worked on in the past and deliver the same quality to startups. We build the creative assets necessary to take your marketing strategy from words on paper to execution. Whether it’s a responsive website, a landing page, social media content, print or digital advertisements, we pull together our creative minds to create truly remarkable assets that deliver results.

Ready to motivate people around your passion and attract new customers? Let us know where you are in your brand journey and we’ll discuss how Wunderfy can work for you.

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