The way to a customer’s heart is much more than a loyalty program. Making customer evangelists is about creating experiences worth talking about.

Valeria Maltoni



Brand Advocacy

You have a base of loyal customers.

Now, you need to make them advocates.

You’ve finally gotten your brand where you want it to be. You have customers coming in, your brand identity resonates with your audience, and you are actively working towards your vision. Your challenge is more an opportunity than a problem. How do you not only keep your customers coming back but leverage their advocacy to generate in new fans?

Our aim is to create brands that move people – the kind of motion with a snowball effect. When your brand has a purpose that is proven to resonate with consumers, it’s our job to help you build on that momentum, accelerating your brand as your reach compounds through word-of-mouth.

Brand Experience

The first step to brand advocacy is perfecting the brand experience. It’s great that people love your brand — but what can we do to make them identify with it? Think about bike shops that open in-store cafes for their waiting customers, or software companies that still send handwritten thank you notes to clients.

The experience your customer has with your company in every interaction influences their decision to identify with your brand and tell their friends about it. The Wunderfy creative team does our research and couples insights with creative intelligence to develop the ideas that will wow your customers.

Advanced Marketing

As a HubSpot-certified agency, we help brands use an inbound methodology to attract, convince, convert, and, most importantly, delight customers through advanced marketing tactics. To put your retention strategy into action, we can develop:

  • Creative email nurture campaigns
  • Social media management and monitoring
  • Specialized content marketing


Each touchpoint serves as an opportunity to move your customer and reward them for referring friends to you. Our approach to brand advocacy will give you the opportunity to grow your business and your movement in a meaningful way.

Amplification Strategy

Why stop at retention? When your customers are the heroes of your brand story, they become your ambassadors, evolving your network of fans without your direct prompting.

We will help you build the momentum your advocacy program needs to be self-sufficient. This will enable you to focus on delivering the best product and the best customer experience possible, and your customers are your marketers.

Ready to create a brand experience worth talking about? Let us know about your customer strategy and we’ll discuss how Wunderfy can work for you.

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