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Attacks from anywhere

Attack from a different Angle

Attacks last week came at us fast and furious.

They came about 1 per second, with 90% coming from IP addresses in Russia. (read more) So when one of our good clients started getting attacked, we expected a similar brute force attack. We were surprised when we noticed a different pattern occurring this time. The IP addresses showing up were from places like; Chicago, Dallas, Clarks Summit, Provo and West Chester. 75% of the addresses were from within the United States for this attack and the rate of attack is much slower.

BUT, and the reason for this post, is that they have one major similarity to the attacks from Russia. They all, 100% of the attacks have tried to gain access using an Admin login. Not one other login try, just Admin. Wunderfy has been trying to tell clients for some time that the worst thing you can do for the security of your website is use such a generic and easy login as Admin or administrator.

Take just a few seconds and create something original. If you and your employees were to use logins like 73!$fish, &(fdtse!@ or worse case nimda you would cut hackers chances of success down considerably. I know this sounds so simple, but it is so important. Just something so basic as removing Admin from any login puts you back in control.

While you were reading this three more attacks occurred. From Grand Rapids, Herdon and Culver City, but they had one thing in common still. All tried Admin!!

Please make the change today. If you don’t know how, call Wunderfy and we will help you make the change. If you have a question, drop us a line, we would love to hear from you. Have a great October and stay safe.