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All About Personas

Tabatha Drum-Dickson Clients, Marketing

What is a Buyer Persona?

Buyer personas are semi-fictional, detailed representations of your ideal or target customer base. A buyer personas may have fictional names and faces attached to it. However, the data collected to create the specifics of the person is real. That is what makes a buyer personas so important. A good buyer persona will allow your business not only target your ideal client but will increase the chances of retaining new customers by 73%, according to a study by Aberdeen Research.

So, what is a good buyer persona?

An excellent buyer persona needs to have real raw data to be effective. You cannot base your persona solely on fictional information. You can start this by asking the right questions to the right people, your buyers! The best way to create a great persona is to interview or survey your current clients base.

Information to include can be:

  • Background information
  • Their role in the company
  • What there goals are
  • What challanges they face

Also try, holding a meeting with all the managers/team leaders within your company. Those department leads have a wealth of knowledge of the buyers your business serves.

While you’re at it, take a peek at your social media comments and reviews. Clients leave honest opinions and complaints on social media. 

It is important to collect not only the good reviews but the bad ones as well. This negative feedback is vital when formulating your persona’s problems and how your company can help them find solutions.

Um. Now what?

Is all your homework done? Good, now here’s the fun part, it’s time to create some buyer personas. Be careful not to create too many personas. Having too many personas can become confusing and dilute the impact of each persona. It is good to create any were between 3-5 personas. Also, be sure that all of your personas are different. Pain Points and solutions should be different for each persona this allows you additional avenues to get to your ideal client. Using all the information you have gathered you can start creating your personas. [example]

Pretty soon you will have an idea of what your ideal client looks like.  The next step in creating a buyer persona is not to forget about creating your negative persona. Yep, you read that right. A negative buyer persona is a persona that identifies your less than ideal customer. Creating a negative persona is equally important because it allows you to stop wasting time and resources on clients that are just not the right fit for your company.

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