700 Wine Gala… And I Still Don’t Know What to Drink

Robert Storch

A wine gala for everyone

I thought attending a wine Gala with over 700 wines from across America was going to be fun and carefree. I mean there will be some International Rosé wines from The Rosé competition, but most are from American wineries. Now having time to think about this event how will I know what to taste? How will I remember what I taste, the ones that I like? There is no way I will get through all 700, will I even make half.

That dilemma got me to thinking, this would be a great opportunity for the wineries that won Double Golds, or even golds and silvers to make their wines known. It would be great if I knew 100 wines that I really wanted to look for and try. This is where social media would really help smaller wineries stand out and get some of the recognition they deserve. They worked hard to create these works of the art bottled like wine, so people should be allowed to find these treasures and fall in love.

A great example of this is from the Rosé wine event. There were over 180 wines that were there to be tasted and judged. And one of the wineries, Snowbird Vinters submitted a very tasty wine called Snowbird Vintners Rosé. They won a silver medal at the tasting and congratulations again on that. But what they did next made the difference, they then went out and shouted their award out on social media. I tasted 100 wines, none really stood out, but after their post, I remembered their wine, and am looking forward to tasting it again at the Wine Gala. It might be a Rosé in a sea of reds, but they are one wine amongst 700, that I remember their name and logo.

So think of that for your brand, 700 wines and one name now sticks out to look for. That is leveraging your brand. Consumers have seconds to pick a wine off the shelf, why will they pick yours? They will pick it up because they remember your story, they remember the interaction or the experience. Having customers that come into the wine store is a much easier sell then competing against 1,000s of unknowns on the shelf.

You don’t have to be the best wine or even the greatest wine, but you must be one that has a story the consumer will remember. You make your wine, let your fans know why.

Social Media allows people to become fans and fans to become ambassadors of the brand.

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